During the wine-making process, the Pago Traslagares Winery combines successfully tradition and vanguard technology. Thanks to the care of the vineyard and the respect of the environment we obtain high quality grapes which are processed in the new installations of our winery.

The grapes harvested are unloaded in the hopper, located inside the winery at 9 meters above the ground.

Once the grapes are in the hopper, they are conducted to the press through the heat exchanger that decreases the grapes and must temperature in order to ensure that the fermentation does not start before it is required.

In the press are produced the free-run and the pressed juices. The resulting musts flow by gravity to the decantation tanks situated on the second level, 2.5 meters below the presses.

The fermentation process takes place in the deposits located on the winery ground level, 9 meters below the hopper.