The winery consists of two buildings perfectly integrated in their environment. The first one, which is still under construction, is of traditional Spanish style with adobe brick and will house the offices, the wine-tasting room and the laboratory. Behind lies a modern warehouse which is connected to the first building from inside. The warehouse has been half-carved into the side of a small hill and is equipped with vanguard technology used for the making (creo que en inlges solo decimos make) of the wines.

The choice of this enclave has been determined by our aim: obtaining high quality wines. Firstly, we take advantage of the slope in the terrain to establish at different heights the hopper, the press, and the necessary stainless steel deposits for making the wine always avoiding mechanical pressure thanks to gravity. Secondly, by being carved into the earth the winery has a natural insulation which favours the stability of the required temperature. Finally, the proximity of the vineyard guarantees the arrival of the grapes at the winery in the best conditions.

The winery and part of the vineyard are located in one of the “pagos” which makes up the terrain and is called “Traslagares”. It is from this, that the name of the winery originates as well as our first brand, which is currently sold in more than ten countries.