Traslagares 100% Verdejo

The Traslagares 100% Verdejo was born from the raisin proceeding exclusively from our vineyards. The delicate care of our grapes in the field and the harvest at the most appropriate moment; this is, under cover of the night’s freshness, give the excellent raw material used for a traditional elaboration which greatly combines with the XXI century’s technology.

Tasting notes

Traslagares 100% Verdejo is a young, fresh and bright wine which keeps inside all the serious and powerful character of the castellan land.

In the glass, its pale golden colour with greenish reflexes reminds of the vineyards where it comes from. Clean and bright, it reflects the rays of sunshine under which the vines have matured.

The intensity of the nose announces some vegetal, fennel and anise nuances, all wrapped up in white fruits, green apple and a slight tropical touch of mature pineapple.

In the mouth it is convincing, long-lasting and smooth; it presents a well integrated acidity with a slight touch of bitterness at the end which characterizes the Verdejo variety and invites us to another mouthful.


We recommend its consumption at a temperature between 8ºC and 10ºC, as then it is ideal to accompany fish, seafood, smoked-fish, rice and pasta based dishes, cheese, vegetables and soups, eggs and white meats and, of course, it is ideal for aperitif and “tapas”.

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